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'SUPPORT ticket' for user support. 'ORDER FORM' for order of room exports, and other services 'TERMINATION' for termination/deletion of workspace/agreement. Termination requires that you are logged in (at top of page), and that you are a Community administrator or agreement owner.

EROOM ARCHIVER: With Archiver, Tribia delivers the entire project structure with associated logs, comments and file versions. The export is in an eRoom-like user interface, which can be stored on a separate hard disk or internal server. This eRoom export is typically used for archives and reference purposes where you want a copy of eRoom to navigate in the same way as it was at ProsjektHotell. EXPORT CONTENT: This export method provides a relatively complete export of an eRoom that is well suited for further mechanical or manual import/migration to other systems. It provides content/folder structure to file-explorersimilar to what one is used to in eRoom.

All prices are in NOK

All prices are in NOK

Delivery method, USB size will be chosen based requirements for room size (200,- NOK - 1500,- NOK), shipping cost in addition. For digital delivery, add login info in description field below.

If more than 1 room is exported; Do you want the rooms pooled on 1 USB, or separated on 1 USB for each room?

Extra copies of the same room? (separate USBs)

Link to one or more rooms to be exported.

The export can be restricted to a role from the room, so that only the content that role has access to is exported, for instance if sub-supplier wants an export of their involvment in the project. (blank field will be exported as room admin)

Name and e-mail address.

Invoice address, and any invoice marking / PO.

Do you want a Tribia consultant to prepare the room for use? (The service is billed based on 2 working hours at a cost of NOK 2,580, - excl.)

Preparation of eRoom (the service is billed based on 2 working hours at a cost of NOK 2,580,- excl.)

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